Promote your business in a mall near you. Today’s malls are destinations where people to go shop, eat and be entertained. Even if your business isn’t in the mall, your customers are. Everyone goes to the mall, and our affordable digital media cannot be skipped over, DVR’d or missed like traditional media.

According to Nielsen’s 2014 State of the Shopping Center report, shopping malls are as vital as ever. Consumers still want to visit retail locations because they crave a physical place to congregate, connect, and engage with other people. Shopping malls have become highly integrated into the social fabric of the communities they serve and have become central gathering places for consumers. That’s great news for advertising opportunities with STORiDriven mall-based digital advertising networks.


Driven Digital Ads are currently available in five mall locations throughout the USA with more to come. Click on the mall logo to download your advertising package and start promoting your business today